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We have brought together the best adapted films that left their mark on the world of cinema and impressed the audience with their magnificent script. In this list we have prepared for readers, you will find movies based on the best true stories ever. Here are the 32 best movie recommendations adapted from real life that will give you goosebumps while watching, which are on the lists of action movies and thrillers …

In the last film in 1968, the Democratic National Convention takes place in Chicago. People who want to protest this congress cause a huge uprising in the city. 7 people are brought before the court on the grounds that they caused these riots.

The film tells the real life story of Jeremy Camp, a contemporary US Christian musician. Despite the many events that happened to him, he did not lose hope and fascinated the audience with his love story.

The production, which is very gripping in the genre of mystery movies, tells the story of the mother who searches for her lost daughter. Mari Gilbert does everything to find her daughter when she disappears, but finds that the police are extremely unresponsive to the incident. He begins to investigate the incident himself and finds that his daughter’s incident is linked to the prostitute murders on Long Island. We recommend you to watch the movie Lost Girls, which is a Netflix movie.

We continue our list with a fairly new production among Netflix movies. The story told in The Irishman movie is as follows; Frank Sheeran is a World War II mafia hitman and has served a criminal organization for years. We recommend that you watch the movie, which is a true story of a true story.

Malevide is a 13-year-old boy with financial difficulties. Therefore, she had to drop out of school, she started working. Malevide goes to the library at night, secretly reading a book. One day, his father made a wind generator with his old bicycle and his whole life changes in a flash.

In the film about the events of 2012, Cardinal Bergoglio works for the Pope. One day, he asks the Pope to go and allow him to retire. Meanwhile, caught between many scandals, the Pope calls in his harshest critic and future successor to replace him. These two men, who are the exact opposite in character, try to meet on a common ground.

The film tells the story of a young woman who loves horses in real life. The young woman loves to ride horses. One day, he suffers a spinal cord injury as a result of a bad accident and becomes paralyzed. From this moment on, the story of the young woman who does not give up trying to continue the rodeo is reflected in the audience.

The production, which is also on the list of 2019 Netflix movies, depicts the life of the famous serial killer Ted Bundy, who was executed in Florida in 1989. Thanks to his charisma and good looks, he makes many women fall in love with him and rape and kill them.

Ellen Martin, a widow, gets bad news while on vacation. She has been the victim of insurance fraudsters. After this, Ellen, who started the investigation, reached out to two lawyers living in Panama.

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