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While it may seem like a mistake on the map, Africa’s northern coast is actually filled with a few small Spanish lands surrounded by Morocco.

Because Spain went a little further in its time, invaded Africa and took a group of important cities.

These lands have belonged to Spain for a long time, in a period of 500 years, compared to today’s Spanish cities such as Barcelona, ​​which belonged to France at the time.

The first of these, Peñón de Vélez la Gomera, consists of these two boulders, while everything that starts at this point on the beach belongs to Morocco.

The border separating the two countries is only 80 meters wide. This is the shortest international border anywhere in the world.

Leaving this oddity behind, we move on to Melilla, a Spanish city on the African coast and surrounded by Morocco.

These lands where 78,000 Spaniards live, where small pieces of land outside the state are surrounded by a 6-meter high border fence in order to separate from Morocco …

Since it is a part of Spain and Spain is a member of the European Union, these lands are actually the rare lands of the European Union in the African continent.

There is Spain here, but here, too, the situation will get even stranger in the future, as the United Kingdom declared that the UK will leave the European Union, which means that Gibraltar will leave the European Union.

This place in the middle of the river is the island of Pheasant, which belongs to Spain or France at certain times of the year and no one is allowed to visit.

Another result of this agreement made in 1659 was a small part of Spain, completely surrounded by France and located in the north of France.

This place is called LIVIA today. Since it was considered an important city at that time, it was allowed to remain a part of Spain.

The situation has not changed much since then, and the LLIVIA separated from the rest of Spain by a 1.5 km French corridor.

When we first look at this part of India, we can see that this part is only connected by a very narrow land known as the Siliguri Pass.

When India gained independence from the UK in 1947, the British decided to divide the lands between the Hindu and Muslim part.

Pakistan remained separate from both halves of India, and the northeast of India was only connected by the Siliguri Pass.

At some point the pass is not even 27 km wide. One state of India extends north of the gorge and separates Nepal from Bhutan.

The population of almost 45 million among them is connected to the other 7 Indian states in the west by a passage that is only 27 km long.

This strange looking region, which is part of the United Arab Emirates, is home to a small village with about 40 buildings.

While this Oman land is home to about three thousand people, what is even more interesting is that these lands are also completely surrounded by the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

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