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Poker is a card game based on luck, nervousness and tactics. There are many types of poker playing; Generally, Texas Hold’em is the best known and played one, but in all games, the goal is to make the best five series.

Square (Quad): Four cards of the same value in different colors; the square is called ace, square nine, square six, square two.

Full House: The same 3 cards of different colors and the same 2 cards of different colors are called full house.

Döper (Two Pair): If there are two same cards of different colors and the same 2 cards with different colors, they are called pairers.

High Card / High Card: In the case of 5 cards with different colors and numbers, the highest card in the hand is considered.

At the start of the game, the person after dealing the cards becomes the small blind and puts the predetermined small blind into the pot and the next person after the small blind is the big blind. this puts the predetermined big blind into the pot.

The big blind is twice the small blind. Subsequent players must put in at least the big blind to enter the pot. If everyone sees it without raising, the little blind can drive or raise another half chips to get into the pot. the big blind either does not drive or may raise chips.

The only way to stay in the game is to not pass. If you have a bad hand, try to fold as soon as possible. If you think you have a good hand, if you can improve it further by buying new cards, then seriously consider getting involved in the game. Do not show it if you have a very good hand, because when other players find out, they will fold and you will have to settle for a very small amount of money in the pot. The thing is to get everyone to bet more and make more money. The way to do this is to be a “good liar” and “a good actor”.

Turkish Poker This poker type is welded closed poker variations of poker he refers to the fact that we closed all the cards are known as the Turkish Poker in Turkey because it is too much. Draw Poker The type described in this article. People who start poker often learn about this type of poker. But this type of poker is not usually played in casinos.

Texas Hold’em is the only type (98% *) played especially in casinos in the world. * 98% explanation; When you go abroad, if you go to a casino and there are 100 poker tables, 98 of them are Texas Hold’em. Texas Hold’em game is divided into two. Texas Hold’em No Limit and Texas Hold’em Limit. No Limit is by far the more popular game. If there are 100 Texas Holdém tables, 90 of them are No Limit tables. In some casinos, only No Limit is played, especially in Paris.

There are usually 10 players at the table. The croupier distributes a piece of paper to each person. He puts the button (a plastic chip) in front of the player with the highest paper.

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