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Among the tooth size and shape anomalies, megadont (giant) teeth are mostly seen in the permanent upper incisors; We see that crowding causes increased distance between the upper and lower front teeth, or a combination of both. In microdontics (small teeth), interdental spaces, tooth slippage, and accordingly, closure disorders can be seen. “

“Deep labial ligament may cause a gap between the upper anterior teeth. If it is decided by the physician that there is a gap between the upper teeth due to connective tissue, it is necessary to close the tooth gaps with orthodontic treatment and then surgically cut and remove the connective tissue. It is performed before orthodontic treatment, which causes the interdental spaces not to be closed with orthodontic treatment. ” used the expressions.

Hatipoğlu said that although its prevalence and severity tends to decrease over time, deciduous tooth decay continues to be the main public health problem of many countries and requires extraction of primary teeth before natural permanent tooth eruption. Stating that if this place cannot be protected with the early loss of milk teeth, disorders occur in the permanent tooth alignment, Hatipoğlu used the following statements:

“Teeth on both sides of the extracted deciduous tooth cavity tend to slide and topple towards the extraction cavity. Likewise, the tooth on the opposite arch can be elongated. This causes” symptomatic “space constraint due to the shortening of the arc length and length. changing the driving direction of the teeth – crowding or blocking the eruption of permanent teeth – impacted permanent tooth; an unesthetic smile – appearance; food deposition; increased caries and periodontal disease and other negative aspects of malocclusion; altered occlusal relationships, resulting in early traumatic contacts and It paves the way for the formation of inappropriate jaw relations. “

Stating that early milk tooth loss has been documented in many studies that it has the potential to cause orthodontic disorders or increase the need for orthodontic treatment, the specialist doctor continued his words as follows:

“Milk teeth not only fulfill their chewing function, but also serve as a natural placeholder. For this reason, it is very important to preserve the original size of milk teeth. Caries, inadequate or inaccurate clinical practices are among the most important local factors that cause malocclusion. Milk when decay occurs. The original size of the tooth cannot be preserved. It is important to restore the decayed tooth to its original size, for this reason.Otherwise, the teeth located in front of or behind the decayed tooth will slide into the cavity and tend to create a crowding and bite failure. If there is no chance of restoration to a decayed deciduous tooth, then a placeholder should be applied immediately. Thus, the maintenance and preservation of the deciduous teeth during the transition from the deciduous period to the permanent tooth period, property It has been proposed to prevent the loss of arch length perimeter, to limit the eventual malocclusion and to minimize the need for orthodontic treatment that may occur. “

Stating that local etiological factors cause acquired orthodontic malocation, Hatipoğlu said, “Preventive treatment is very important in order to prevent the occurrence of acquired orthodontic malocclusion. Well, we could not prevent tooth crowding and jaw disorder, a disorder occurred, how can we treat it? We can divide the treatments into two groups as mobile and fixed.Rotable orthodontic treatment is a form of treatment in which various mobile devices are used to prevent problems that may develop due to factors such as bad habits, finger sucking, abnormal swallowing, to make room for permanent teeth or to correct simple dental disorders. It is applied to pediatric patients between the ages of 11 and in mixed dentition. “

Stating that the fixed orthodontic treatment is performed with brackets that are attached to the teeth and not removed during the treatment and the wires passing through these braces, Hatipoğlu concluded his words as follows:

“There are different types of brackets, including metal and porcelain. As an alternative to the standard and metal brackets we always use, porcelain brackets have been produced to be used in adult patients and to provide a more aesthetic appearance. Fixed orthodontic treatment can be applied to individuals of all ages with healthy teeth and gums. In orthopedic treatments to be applied using only growth and development forces, patients should be in active growth and development period.

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