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Even if the “indispensable” conditions that make human existence possible are eliminated by the wrong interpretation of the “anthropic principle”, hundreds of thousands of creatures that can be used by human beings and which, according to probability calculations, are impossible to form by chance, prove a conscious design. We previously multiplied the number of seconds in the universe, which is the sum of the number of baryon, photons and electrons in the universe, and we found. Then we compared this number with the 1 in the probability of sequencing of the only amino-acids of the hemoglobin protein, which is an “indispensable” condition for human existence. If we make this calculation for a protein in the body of the bee according to the “Earth principle”, we will no longer look at the “indispensable” conditions for human existence, but instead we will examine a single protein of the bee created in the Earth right next to man. (Instead of a bee, we can take the protein in the structure of any animal or plant you want. The result will not change.) Let’s assume that we have made the calculation we made for hemoglobin before, according to the “Earth principle”, for a protein of the bee. Since our cluster will be inside the Earth, the number we have seen before will decrease to the total number of protons, neutrons, electrons and photons in the Earth. Our number regarding the age of the Universe will decrease to the age of the Earth. This time we will be looking at: “If all the protons, neutrons, electrons and photons on Earth turn into amino acids and try to form a protein every second on Earth, can they do that?” Thus, it becomes even more impossible for a single protein that could not have come into being by chance in the entire time of the universe.

We found that this was impossible when we mobilized even particles of the whole universe to randomly generate the amino acid sequence of a protein. My aim is to show that the “Earth principle” turns our gaze into the Earth, mathematically grounding the conscious design in the universe. At a time when some attempted to swallow the scenario of infinite universes, the “Earth principle” suggests that even if infinite universes exist, we can base “design evidence” from inside this Earth, without dealing with infinite universes or even the rest of this universe, and make probability calculations just by staying inside the Earth. shows. Alongside human beings, the world of living things, which draws its strength from the possibility of being right next to man, and has hundreds of thousands of species, shows the richness and accessibility of “evidence for design”. It will be useful to remember once again that these proofs are powered by mathematical certainty and that they are based on mathematical data such as probability. (In my next book, I will discuss the theory of evolution and the Earth principle. Those who want to express their views on this subject can submit their opinions on the website, which I set up to share their ideas on this subject.)

From the initial designs such as the intensity of the explosion at the beginning of the Big Bang process, the density of matter, the regulation of entropy, the adjustment of the temperature, to all the critical adjustments in the processes that occur with the expansion of the universe; It proves that it was created by a conscious, mighty and superior God. Thanks to the creation of the conditions and laws of physics at the beginning of the universe, it has been possible for everything existing in the universe to participate in the sphere of existence.

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